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Day 3: Travel/Flowers

the finest individuals out of a number of people or things; prompt can be interpreted literally or differently


Street Photography in Kawagoe + Tokyo (by BERT DESIGN)



here ill post these together!! luv this water brush

Because this didn’t come in my SAI and I bet it didn’t with other people’s, here’s a pack of more textures (including the lava one!!!). Go to your SAI folder and just dump the ones you’d like in the brushtex folder (or w/e you have it called)

tiny chanhyuk talking about his “height troubles" for 200%

ok buddy


Space bugs 

(by Yoyo The Ricecorpse)

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Starry Night Brush for Sai Paint






xiumin pastel edit for anon ♡

Athena Dizon


summer ootd

the concept for them is that they are in a reality show where they live in the same house for a couple of months, and divided into duos(opposites, eg. capricorn and rookie cancer) rookies are paired with more experienced models and help each other improve (its Roommate except with models) and do incredibly ridiculous challenges
they are also not only models, some of them act, and others are athletes and social media personalities
not entirely sure about their ethnicities, maybe taurus(and cancer) are half white half asian, virgo indian and leo is singaporean? all of them are asian

then it tackles things the public doesn’t know about, like taurus wanting to get closer with his son cancer, geminis’ secret sibling rivalry, aries being really anti-social, leo and aquarius’s friendship as two of the youngest housemates

i dont have an idea about libra, scorpio and pisces yet but as suggested libra is androgynous and pisces is a plus-size model, not sure about their themes tho