typhoon mario wrecked my house up hope you’re all alright

trad drawings i cant finish bc i dont have a scanner :^(

Anonymous: i was just wondering where you could buy those face mask? (im from hsph but im too shy to ask) do you make this things or buy them? thank you.

hahahaha omg this is a kpop fandom mask turned inside out they’re found at random anime conventions why are u shy omg who r u :)))




Reblogs would very VERY MUCH appreciated!

9 Amazing GIFs Showcasing SHINee’s Fearless Leader Onew



There’s always leaders that stand out in K-Pop as begin amazing, loved by their members and colleagues all across the industry. SHINee’s Onew is definitely one of these class acts. 

We decided to honor him by featuring an entire list on him, titled “9 Amazing GIFs Showcasing SHINee’s Fearless Leader Onew”! 

Special thanks to “ricerain” :)

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Anonymous: tts is a sub unit for snsd. its just three members tiffany taeyeon and seohyun

OHHHH thanks so that’s why it’s named that lmaoooooo
i love tiffany i think im invested in this sub unit

my brother thought of a horror story idea while looking for a job last night lmao (tw gore, horror, organs,murder )

a child is brutally murdered and had his organs illegally sold to the black market and unfortunately also to some of the top prestigious hospitals in the country. later on a young lady gets a kidney transplant. everything was going fine until one day her meds start to disappear frequently. then a lot of other things happen that would endanger her health that had something to do with the kidneys. after some time, the kid suddenly starts to haunt her. then she figured that she needs to find the murderer to put its soul in peace. coincidentally she finds out that a lot of people who recently got organ transplants begin to suspiciously die which leads her to finding a person who got one of the kid’s lungs and they team up to not only try to find the murderer but also getting enough proof to sue the hospitals for getting organs illegally…………….. would you read it if i make it into a comic in the future though because i like the idea

Taetiseo ‘Holler’ Teaser Pictures

basicstuck sketches
i think this is slightly a “fancy” version of their regular sprites since fancy dreamers/god tiers are popular
im going to pretend they would have a simple but more expensive choice in clothing

i kinda miss drawing them its been months hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Ponyo wants ham!”

oh wow i just realized i have almost 8,200 followers i love you all thank you so much id like to thank the academy